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Blauer's revolutionary ArmorSkin is the way to wear concealed body armor. ArmorSkin is the first body armor integration uniform system for law enforcement that provides relief from the heat and discomfort of conventional body armor carriers, maintains a police uniform look, and helps to alleviate lower back and hip pain.

The system consists of the ArmorSkin vest, which covers your existing body armor carrier, a Blauer Base Shirt – our performance uniform shirt- worn as a base layer or as an alternate uniform shirt, and an optional duty belt suspension system integrated into the vest.  In the office the outer layer, ArmorSkin carrier and concealed soft body armor, can be removed for relief from the heat and weight of the vest.

When worn over a Base Shirt, ArmorSkin allows you to maintain a normal professional appearance, maintaining your tactical advantage in the field. With easy adjustment at the shoulders and sides and universal armor fit, your existing ballistic police body armor and pads can be fitted and worn exactly as it would under a uniform shirt. Mesh lining and side panels are lightweight, breathable and dry quickly, maximizing comfort.

With side openings utilizing stretch nylon mesh and two-way zippers, a greater range of motion is achieved making it easier to don and doff the body armor carrier.  Quick adjustments to the fit of the concealed armor are also possible during your shift.  Just like the Blauer SuperShirt, ArmorSkin also features epaulets, pleated patch pockets with scalloped flaps, Napoleon pockets, a pencil slot, center mic tab, and traditional 5-crease military style stitched in. ArmorSkin is available in polyester shown above, as well as woolrayon and cotton ripstop blends.

Until now external carriers had to be matched with the concealed soft body armor manufacturers outer carrier in order to be covered by the original manufacturers warranty.  ArmorSkin uses the concealed armor carrier and all 4 (or 6) hook and loop connector straps and fits virtually every brand of armor made.  There is no effect on performance of the ballistics or the fit of the soft body armor since it is worn as if it were concealed under a uniform shirt. 

ArmorSkin® and ArmorSkin® Suspension System are patented (U.S. Patent No. 8, 528, 112).

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Key Features: 

  • Designed to look like a uniform shirt when worn over an ArmorSkin® Base Shirt, ArmorSkin® helps to maintain a professional appearance and your tactical advantage in the field
  • Polyester ArmorSkin matches: LS Polyester ArmorSkin Base ShirtSS Polyester ArmorSkin Base Shirt, and Polyester ArmorSkin Winter Base Shirt
  • Universal armor fit and easy adjustment at shoulders and sides allows your existing ballistic armor and carrier to be fitted and worn exactly as it would under a uniform shirt and according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Mesh lining and side panels are lightweight and provide more breathability and quick-dry comfort
  • Side openings with stretch nylon mesh and heavy duty one-way YKK zippers offer advanced mobility, quick donning and doffing, and more coverage
  • Durable 8.5 oz 100% Polyester fabric matches Blauer 100% Polyester shirting and pant fabric
  • Pleated patch pockets with scalloped flaps, pencil slots and hook and loop closure
  • Epaulets
  • Center mic tab
  • Traditional 5-crease militarty style (stiched)

More on External Vest Carriers:

Modern law enforcement professionals face potentially lethal threats in situations that may seem somewhat harmless on the surface. Today's criminals carry a variety of dangerous concealed weapons. A law enforcement professional never knows what weaponry they can be facing as they investigate a building, enter a home or make a routine traffic stop. With this constant looming risk, police bullet resistant body armor has become a standard part of every officer's outfit.

The latest concealed soft body armor is more protective and durable to wear and use; however, it is also less comfortable than past generations of armor.  At the same time departments who take advantage of the Federal BVP grants have now created mandatory wear requirements to continue to receive benefits.

Body armor carriers, especially the external vest carriers, have become increasingly popular due to the lack of comfort offered by the vests and the rules.  Many feel external carriers can portray an unnecessary and unwanted military image that can be too intimidating to civilians.  Others have noted that the multiple layers of nylon material used to make the carrier make them hot and defeat the purpose of wearing them in the first place.

Here at Blauer, we understand that the protection and added comfort an external vest carrier provides may come with unwarranted attention to a peace officer of the law when in a non-tactical situation.  They are plainly seen as armor vests by the public and criminals alike.  With that in mind, Blauer developed ArmorSkin to give law enforcement authorities a discrete method of using an external body armor carrier while still maintaining a non-threatening, professional image.

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