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TacMed™ Downed Officer Kit

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The TacMed™ Downed Officer Kit is a compact kit that contains the items essential for treatment of serious injuries encountered by law enforcement and military personnel. The DOK is compact enough to fit in a cargo pocket or glove box. It can also mount to a roll bar/ protective shield in a patrol car or tactical vehicle. 

The DOK is packed in a heavyweight re-sealable bag allowing easy replacement of individual kit items. Kit components can also be periodically inspected without damaging the integrity of the packaging. The officer down kit contents can be modified to meet your individual requirements or several pre-packed kits are available with or without hemostatic agents. 

Standard Contents:
  1x SOF® Tourniquet
  1x OLAES® 4" Modular Bandage
  1x Face Shield
  1PR Nitrile Gloves
  1x 2” Surgical Tape
  1x 5.5” Trauma Shears

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